A lot of words were said about employers and what they are not allowed to candidates and how should you act with jobseekers. But not all of employers are ideal.

The employers the same as the candidates are making mistakes.

Nothing back.

The employers do not forget to specify the requirements in job vacancy, but forget to indicate what the candidate will get back. For sure jobseeker needs to know which skills are requested for making this or that job, but company’s preferences do not less important. It is needed to tell about terms and conditions, corporate culture, bonuses and pleasant details which are waiting for the new future employee.

Cry for the moon.

In many cases, the employers are asking for impossible things. The requirements can be so raised so high, that only superhero can pretend to this position. Even if he exist there is a small chance that he will agree to be hired for such salary.

To be not ready for the interview.

The same as jobseeker, the employer should get ready for the interview. The candidate disposed of for the conversation with professional, who have read his CV and can easily ask any questions according to the results of resume, tell about the company and all nuances connected with the position. To be interrupted by phone during the interview is not a pleasant thing for the candidate.

No answered

It is not really good thing to let the CV be unanswered. It is not needed to call back to a candidate or reply him with a personal answer. It may be enough to write a template letter, which can contain information that candidates resume will be considered, after which candidate can be invited to interview. The jobseeker needs to know that his/her resume was reached well.

Do not provide any results

To leave the job seeker in a dark after the interview is much worse than to leave his CV without an answer. The interview is necessary to stage as the candidate spend his time after which is left in up in the air. 

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